The Who and the Why


Hi, my name is Kelly, and I love food.

I wasn’t always able to make that statement.  Actually, my relationship with food has been quite difficult.  Till recently. 

Digestive issues.
Chronic fatigue.
Dark circles under the eyes.
Weight concerns.
Displaced cravings.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?  This was me for as long as I can remember. 

And then, through a chain of circumstances, I began exploring my relationship with food.  I discovered that our bodies are unique and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lifestyle. What works for one body could be disastrous for another.  For me?  I discovered that I have Celiacs Disease and can’t tolerate gluten.  I also have allergies and intolerances to other foods such as tomatoes, kiwi, and rhubarb — just to name a few. 

That was when the battle turned into a war.  I didn’t want to accept this newfound knowledge about my personal wellness.  I looked at my food intolerances like they were cages, set up to deprive me.  I thought my diagnosis was a trap, and I was full of resentment and denial.  Instead, I had to work through the fact that my awareness of food intolerance was my greatest tool for learning to live more abundantly and in freedom.


From the headaches.  The nausea.  The fatigue. 

By trading the foods my body rejected for foods that were naturally good for me, I gained my life back.  And I gained it back in abundant, beautiful, holistic happiness.  But…. don’t be fooled.  It was a long process to get there.  

In addition to learning to live with food sensitivities, it has also become my passion to get the word out about living a life free of toxins, dangerous chemicals, and environments that destroy our bodies and alter it from doing the functions it was meant to do.  You would be amazed by the effects of some of the more commonplace items we’ve unnaturally integrated into our lives.  I know I was

Living a life that is uninhibited.  {Un}Refined and natural for me.  A life that felt good, where I felt free.  That is what I sought after, what I found, and what I desire for everyone I meet.

This blog reflects that journey.  It is me, recording what I’ve learned.  What I’ve experienced.  And what I’m working on.  It is my effort to also share with other people valuable information about how to live their life more abundantly and gently on this earth in a way that fits their unique needs.


2 thoughts on “The Who and the Why

  1. I love your blog. I haven’t even touched the surface of all your posts yet, but there’s something there that I love! I too am from Notre Dame Country and immediately had a connection to you. I also have CD and that gave me even more connection. I found your blog through sometimes sweet {one of my fav blogs}. I’m glad to have found you and look forward to reading about your thoughts, life, and doings 😉 I’m also a tatted girl, like yourself 🙂 Fun stuff, ey!

  2. Hi Kelly, I found your blog through twitter and I’m really glad I did – don’t mean to sound like a stalker but I also checked in with your kellyhowland site and that’s how I know that you got married the day after me! 11th Nov! Isn’t being a newlywed amazing?! Congrats to you!

    Your recipes look great…thanks for posting!

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